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research engineer currently building performant & high-assurance software at paradigm

Open Source Work

  • solmate: modern, opinionated, and gas optimized solidity building blocks
  • seaport: marketplace protocol for safely and efficiently buying and selling NFTs
  • tribe-turbo: defi protocol enabling interest free loans into specific yield sources
  • survive2020: small rust game about surviving 2020 in old fashion, pixel art style
  • duppgrade: command line tool enabling easy upgrades of the dapptools toolset
  • svalbard: rust tui application to aid learning the rust programming language

Publications & Talks

  • Solcurity: A Security and Code Quality Standard for Solidity Smart Contracts
  • EIP-4626: A Standard For Tokenized Vaults With a Single Underlying ERC20 Token
  • Unicode 2021: Become a DappTools Pilled Chad in 30 minutes or Your Money Back
  • Assorted Work: A Collection of Reports, Research, and Other Publications of Mine